About Us

About Us


The mission of the Circle Square Commons Farmers Market is to provide a wonderful selection of fresh seasonal produce from local growers as well as baked goods, plants, hand-made soaps and more. By doing this, we are helping to bridge the gap between the consumer and the farmer.

This market seeks to educate consumers on the social, economic and environmental benefits of buying quality locally grown food while also contributing to the health of our residents and visitors. Agriculture producers will find a supportive direct-marketing outlet for the sale of their goods with hopes to create and/or enhance the economic strength of farmers. Furthermore, this market enhances the quality of life in the Ocala area by providing a community activity, which generates local pride and opportunity for social gathering.

1. Market location: The Town Square at Circle Square Commons, 8405 SW 80th Street, Ocala, FL

2. Hours of Operation: Every Thursday (except major holidays), from 9 am to 1 pm (weather permitting). Set-up starts 1 hour before opening time and tear down is complete within 1 hour after closing. All vendors must remain set up until at least noon unless it is an emergency.

3. Vendor Eligibility: In order to sell at the Circle Square Commons Farmers Market, all vendors must obtain membership with the Circle Square Commons Farmer’s Market by adhering to all rules set forth below:



A Grower/Producer is defined as the actual grower and owner of the crop. The agriculture product has been raised or prepared by the grower/producer, members of the family or employees. The producer must be the person responsible for all operations relating to production of that product including: furnishing the land (outright ownership or lease or rental agreement), financing, furnishing the equipment (owned, leased or custom harvested), seed bed preparation, fertilization, planting, cultivation, irrigation, pest control, harvest, etc.

Produce Farmer – One who produces fresh fruits, nuts, honey, berries, herbs, plants, cut flowers, mushrooms and vegetables from seeds, transplants or cuttings.

Nurseryman or Plant Producer – One who produces plants from seeds, transplants, bare roots or cuttings or other plant material.

Value-Added Producer – One who produces, but not limited to, jams/jellies, baked items, molasses, gourds, boiled peanuts, dried herbs, dried flowers, wreaths, and/or any processed food item (cut collards, shelled peas).

Must be a Florida resident with a valid grower’s permit issued by the County Extension Office where they farm.

Be in compliance with outside requirements for the appropriate crop – i.e. DPI Inspection Certificate, Organic Certificate, Florida Bee Inspection Certificate, etc.



A Reseller is defined as one who purchases primarily Florida-grown crops for resale and may supplement with like high-quality produce from neighboring states such as Georgia to meet demand.

One who acts as a distributor for plants, honey and other processed goods.

Resellers must have applicable licenses.

To ensure quality products, the Market Manager will determine suitability of proposed vendors. If quality falls below expectations, a decision will be made with regard to retaining the vendor according to section 8. Enforcement of Rules, below.

4. Product Eligibility:

It is the intent of the Market Manager that the Circle Square Commons Farmer’s Market be a market for sale of food, either raw or processed, and fiber items, and that it not take on the air of a flea market, offering items that are not related to production agriculture or some facet thereof.

Growers must grow 100% of the product they sell at market with exception if the grower is not able to meet market demand, the Market Manager may change this percentage to meet the demands of the market in a given year.

Any products not produced by a grower to meet market demand must be grown in Florida or Georgia with proof of purchase.

Any product not raised or produced by the vendor must be labeled and displayed accordingly.

All plants for sale that fall under the categories listed in Florida Statutes, Chapter 581 are required to be registered annually with and inspected by the Florida Division of Plant Industry.

All honey for sale must come from bees that are registered with and inspected by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as required by Florida Statute, Chapter 586.

Craft-like by-products or crafts may be sold on a case-by-case basis. These products will be farm-oriented products only. No flea market type items may be sold.

Scales used to weigh produce must meet the standards of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Only Class 3 scales may be used. No scale labeled “Not for Use in Trade” will be permitted.

No backyard eggs permitted unless the eggs come from a licensed packer.

All processed foods must be processed in a certified kitchen or by a certified licensee.

Any value-added product must be labeled according to Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services Regulations.

Other items may be allowed for sale only with authorization of the market manager.